What kind of Mortadella do you want?

Finally, it was my turn at the deli counter. French baguette in one hand, empty cart in the other, I was standing inside Major Market in Escondido, known for its top-notch meats.

Now, before you judge, let me explain. I know we’re talking Escondido here, that far away land most coastal residents scoff at, but you guys Major Market holds its own in the deli department.I’ve lived in NYC and SF proper and know the difference.

The lady behind the counter asked, “What kind of Mortadella do you want?”

“The best one you have,” I replied. “Thinly sliced, half a pound.”

And just like that, she got to work. The guy next to me glanced my way. Is she famous? I imagined him thinking. 

As I left the market $16 lighter, I couldn’t help but feel a skip in my step. Because sometimes, you just want the best. I ate four sandwiches that day, and made one for a friend. “Is this pate,” she asked. “No, it’s just really good Mortadella” “I like your style,” she said.

And to me, that’s what it’s all about. Whether it’s fancy bologna, a custom door knob, or a brand spanking new build, it feels good reaching for the best, and it’s not as out of reach as you think.

So if you’re interested in the latter two of the three examples I shared, let’s talk. I’d love to help.

Your architect,


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