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15+ years of experience

the problem

Lack of access to talent prevents you from achieving your dream build.

Is this you?

In moments of doubt, you may even wonder if your design dreams can even come true.

how are we different

Our job is to design your best space


Background in Google as an Operations Manager. I know how to create a strong roadmap and execute.

Specific To You

A Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from UC Berkeley. I understand the importance of revealing parts of people and incorporating their “whole self” in their design.


Over 10 years experience and a licensed, board-certified California professional Architect.

about me

Lina Boeller

I am insistent – stubborn even – on creating beautiful spaces that are unmatched in their ability to represent my clients. I love people, and all the parts of them. From the most mundane to the most refined, I see beauty in it all.

My purpose is to showcase beauty that is both Extraordinary and Ordinary. I believe spaces that are ordinary without the “extra” are missing their potential. And those that are “extra” without the “ordinary” have lost touch with their roots, history and human-ness. I seek to build work that seems humble at first glance, but upon more reflection, the details and the subtle movements draw you in, in unexpected ways. 

I believe that work done well is always worth the investment in time and resources. I love the spaces I create, and the way they make my clients feel.

One space for every part of you

our work

How our designs reflect in our work

Lewis Residence


Nordahl Dental



how we design

Our approach to design

1) Diagnose

This is perhaps the most important part of the process. Involves detailed questions; many of which you haven’t yet considered. Clients typically leave this process feeling “clear” and with a “wow I can’t believe I didn’t know what I didn’t know” mentality.

2) Roadmap

This is a step most architects skip. We are going to roadmap your project from start to finish, including budget and key milestones. Having a clear roadmap helps us stay on course and adjust quickly along the way.

3) Reveal the design

This is the Design Process in all its glory. It is absolutely critical that we do NOT have a solution in mind and that we let the design evolve organically. This is how we end up with the most artistic expression of your home.

4) Iterate and refine

Great design involves constant attention and iteration. This stage involves heavy collaboration with engineers and your builder. Typically this is where we go from drawing to build-out; the various constraints and parameters we work through here, will ultimately add tremendous richness and depth to your build..

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client testimonials

Caring words from our clients

frequently asked q's

Allow us to answer some questions

We value your resources, and discussing fees is a necessary part of the project. Each project is highly customized in nature, and as such, determining an appropriate fee isn’t a ‘plug and chug’ process. It typically takes about three client consultation meetings before I have the information necessary to share a realistic fee. 

Consultations are typically offered at no charge.

A fee may apply if you are requesting a more detailed Site Evaluation. If this is the case, I will let you know and get your permission before proceeding.

Project time has a lot to do with you. Some clients are very efficient, fast decision-makers who move forward at a fairly steady and predictable cadence. Others may be more artistic and detail-oriented and wish to really work out various options and permutations. And there’s a whole bunch of people in the middle. I will say, clear timelines and deadlines are very important. Without a clearly structured timeline and a deadline, I have seen other architects veer off track; a project that could have gotten done in 3 months takes a year or more. We are not like that. I know how to prioritize, structure, and plan your project so that it moves forward at a healthy pace without compromising vision or quality.

Architecture done elegantly, appears simple and effortless. However behind the scenes, there is nothing simple about the process. Almost every single time, I hear my clients tell me “I had no idea this was even possible.” We are trained to “see” differently. Have you built your vision before? How did it turn out? If the answer is “Swimmingly well!” then, heck, I say do it again. But if the answer is “awful. I was in over my head. The process took forever and I don’t even really like how it all turned out.” Then, I encourage you to invest in a professional to help you bring your vision to life.

To put this in perspective, Architects require 10+ years of training and testing before they receive their license by the California Architecture Board. In those years we diligently study the process of design, technical implications (HVAC, Plumbing, Structural, Civil, Environmental etc), advanced drawing to name a few. Only 20% of those who study Architecture actually go on to become Architects. 

My services are higher-end than most architects for a variety of reasons. Ultimately, I focus on delivering quality work (vs quantity). I am properly licensed and my number one priority is doing the most exceptional work possible on your project. Usually this makes me a good fit for clients who value legacy work, and a strong, talented team of players. 

Yes, I have pulled over 100 permits. It’s not glamorous but forming relationships with the city/county and moving projects forward is a critical part of the process. 

My consultants are an invaluable part of the process. You are only as strong as your weakest link is a mantra I stand by. When it comes to selecting engineers and consultants, I choose partners who can elevate the project by adding their expertise.

Fun fact, most insurers will not ensure an Architect who does not provide Construction Administration, because it is too risky of an endeavor. Even if you have spent months designing and permitting your drawings, your space can end up dramatically differently once it is built. Contractors are trained to build. Architects are trained to design. When the collaboration goes well, one heightens the quality of the other. However, when the collaboration goes poorly or there is NO Collaboration, chaos can ensue. I strongly suggest including your team in the CA phase.

Sometimes you may not need an Architect. Would you see a doctor if you had a paper-cut? Probably not. It’s like that with Architecture. If you are looking to do simple improvements to your home, you may be able to utilize a contractor with a draftsman to address your needs. 

When the stakes are bit higher (think over $100K investment), you are going to want a pro – an Architect can save you $100s of thousands in change orders, preventable water damage, structural integrity, and perhaps most importantly ensure what you are building aligns with the beautiful vision you have for it. I can’t tell you how many clients have brought me in after framing their project and realizing that they hated what they were building. Save yourself the hassle. 

Architecture has no limit. And unless you have infinite time and infinite resources, I will work strategically with you to put in place the proper inputs before we begin designing. 

What would make it worth it to you? Everyone is different. I have seen clients invest $1M into a $500K home. For them it wasn’t about “flipping” or post-design sale value, it was about constructing a piece of art. For others, they wanted to achieve a very technical goal within a specific budget. We all have to ask ourselves, what do I value? I encourage you in this process not to think through what you “should” do and embrace what it is you would like to do. There is no right answer. 

This is a question I ask all my clients to think through. And you would be surprised at the variety of answers I get. For some of my clients, they want a space that reflects how far they have come in this life. A relic of what they achived. They want a reminder every morning of the battles they’ve won to get where they are today. For other clients, they want a place that feels like it truly is theirs, and they don’t want to settle for anything less. Ask yourself before you begin this procses…what is the best possible outcome. And then ask yourself the question again, because usually the answer is bigger than you think.

My rate reflects the time it takes to produce work that aligns most closely with my creative and professional values. This often includes QA, vetting with other experienced professionals, 3D rendering all the spaces etc etc. However if you are interested in reduced rate, let’s start the dialogue. Sometimes there are areas where scope can be reduced to achieve your goals without compromising my values.

This question rarely gets asked but I wish it got asked more often! I am a licensed CA Architect. There are many folks out there who claim to offer “Architectural” services who are not architects. This is illegal. I highly recommend vetting if your architect is licensed by looking them up in the California Architecture Board’s website. It is public knowledge. Don’t get duped.


Let's start your design dream the right way.